A western town sparks a new golden era, the rise of Krugersdorp


A klein “dorpie” that once was at the centre of two very historical events in South Africa’s history is again rising to prominence but this time for very different reasons. Fine & Country has opened its doors in the traditional mining city of Krugersdorp, the crown of the West Rand, which has a colourful and significant history and is making a name for itself all over again almost 130-years after it was established.

How did Krugersdorp happen?

Following the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand, a need arose for a major town west of the reef and Krugersdorp was the answer. The then government bought part of the Paardekraal farm (where gold had been discovered) and named the new town after the Transvaal (now Gauteng) president, Paul Kruger as far back as 1887. It was actually the site of a gathering where an earlier declaration to fight for the Transvaal’s independence took place in 1880. Mining was a huge business with thousands migrating rapidly to follow its shiny allure. Indeed the development of Krugersdorp was not different and mining rapidly shaped and developed it. Krugersdorp saw two major events early on, namely the Transvaal War of Independence and the Witwatersrand Goldfields discovery. These events had far-reaching political and economic consequences for the development of not just the West Rand but for the whole of South Africa.

As early as 1952, Krugersdorp was again at the epicentre of a landmark mining milestone when the West Rand Consolidated Mine was the first in the world to extract uranium as a by-product of the gold refining process.

Today, Krugersdorp is now a separate municipality but has been integrated into the Mogale City Local Municipality along with surrounding towns. It is the seat of government for Mogale City and seen as the “star” of Mogale City.

Present day Krugersdorp looks vastly more metropolitan than it may have looked in its mining heyday over a hundred years ago with major shopping centres, highways and residential developments, hospitals and schools all dotting its skyline, however it still retains a very unique sense of quality of life and community, often lacking in similar cities of its size. People in Krugersdorp share an easy camaraderie and sense of kinship which makes feeling home here very easy.

It is this unique ‘dorpie’ experience that draws families to this town. Fine & Country’s Property Consultant in Krugersdorp, Luan De Beer recently made the move out West and says, “In the first couple of months since moving here, I immediately noticed a sense of fellowship amongst the people, and a sense of safety unlike anywhere I have lived before… We had neighbours and community policing volunteers popping by to find out who we were and what we were doing at the house we were moving into, everyone was curious and eager to meet us.”

A major draw-card for families wanting to relocate in this Western town, after its golden days have long settled, is the excellent value for money to be found this side of Gauteng. Luan comments that the ever-increasing and exorbitant costs of living in Johannesburg’s Northern suburbs has seen many looking for an alternative that offers the same level of comfort but at a more reasonable cost. Krugersdorp offers a comfortable option for families that are willing to drive a little further to work while providing their children with homes that promote an outdoor lifestyle. “Here you can live affordably without necessarily compromising your quality of life.” Krugersdorp offers three extremely successful public high schools that are consistently top achievers academically and in sports in Gauteng.

This “little” dorpie spoils its residents for choice when it comes to shopping. From Keywest Mall to the massive Cradlestone Mall which is a local favourite and a major attraction for those from the North with its expos. For those that dread the thought of major crowds and malls, smaller centers can be found at regular intervals on any block. Residents don’t generally travel more than 10kms to find what they are looking for.

You are on the doorstep of the cradle of Humankind, the Sterkfontein Caves and a plethora of nature reserves. The mighty Magaliesberg is only 30-minutes away. Krugersdorp has many appealing attractions for those who want to get up and get out of the house and go and explore, it offers an amazing closeness to the natural world. You also have Cradlestone Mall and Silver Star Casino on your doorstep. Everywhere you look there is development and construction taking place, a good sign of its transformation.

So Krugersdorp is great for families, what about the luxury market we hear you ask? The answer is simple says Luan: “Luxury here looks well established and offers an abundance of space and quality. Smart investors have renovated many Krugersdorp homes to give potential buyers the perfect combination of modern finishes and luxurious space. For instance, our first prestigious home on sale in Krugersdorp is the epitome of the true value for money one can find in this area. A five bedroom house with five en-suite bathrooms, three lounges, an enclosed patio and braai, four garages, a tennis court, and an indoor heated pool with a Jacuzzi and sauna, all situated on just the ground floor. This is a rare home to find in today’s cosmopolitan style of living out in the North, and with the current owner’s impeccable renovation and no fault to be found, any buyer would be spoilt with this investment. I mean if it was luxurious enough for one of the mayors of Krugersdorp, who’s to say this town doesn’t have the wherewithal to challenge its Northern neighbours?”

This town in a historic hub of Gauteng continues to adapt and shape itself according to the needs of its residents. It offers a welcome and warm escape from the congestion and buzzes in the North and retains a golden yesteryear charm that could only truly be found in the West.

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