Motherhood and making it happen in the Mother City

The Western Seaboard in the Cape stretches from Milnerton to Big Bay and everything in between and is known for its amazing surf and scenery. On any given day, you will see a flurry of adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts adorning the beaches and tides as they take advantage of the lifestyle on offer here. A wonderful place to set-up home, this idyllic stretch along the Western Seaboard offers an excellent alternative to the pricier southern suburbs and locals love the climate, the facilities and the general sense of coastal camaraderie found along these windswept beaches and shores.

This stretch is a hive of activity and development and with this in mind it is only logical that Fine & Country South Africa would seek out a partnership enabling a footprint here. We announce very proudly that we have dotted the ‘i’s and crossed the ‘t’s and are officially launching Fine & Country Western Seaboard, which comes complete with a team of enthusiastic dynamos who are looking to take their existing foothold and grow it further under the aqua skies and sandy beaches.

Heading up Fine & Country Western Seaboard is its principal, Candice Fraser, a Gauteng local who moved to the Western Cape 23-years ago, taking her belongings and ambition. Candice Fraser is a shining example to women everywhere that when you meet your dreams with equal parts determination and drive, anything is truly possible. Her start in real estate came 14-years ago as an agent but she quickly decided that being just another estate agent was not going to be enough. Candice struck out on her own with a loan from a friend, her personality and perseverance, here she is currently at the helm of a busy and successful agency.

Having nurtured her growing business, Candice jumped at the opportunity to bring together her professionalism with the global acclaimed brand of Fine & Country with the aim of taking real estate along the Western Seaboard to the next level. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Candice is in the throes of re-branding, planning a launch, growing her team, sales and rentals all while expecting her fourth child – her drive is amazing. “It is not an easy feat and I am constantly on the go but being the go-getter that I am, I thrive on setting and achieving goals. There are no short-cuts when it comes to me, everything has to be done and followed through correctly and I believe this has helped me tremendously in an industry that was known for some shady antics in the past,” Candice says of juggling her career and personal life.

To be successful in real estate you need to be able to multi-task as well as be sensitive and understanding towards the many different people you will be interacting with on a daily basis. This is no 9-to-5 profession and the team I have working with me are all fully on board with my work ethic. My very little down time is spent with my family and if I can squeeze in a few pages of a good book, that’s where you’ll find me. Fine & Country Western Seaboard will be providing access to the international branding and technology that the name implies however, we will be integrating that with our established one-on-one personal approach. It’s very easy to lose that human element in today’s rushed world but fortunately in real estate our business is people and we flourish on that interaction,” she adds on how they will build on the successes already achieved.” Fine & Country Western Seaboard’s principal, Candice Fraser

Candice was initially attracted to the obvious benefit of working your own hours and being in charge of your own income but real estate has become so much more over the years. “The current political uncertainty is a big influence on the real estate industry and it’s tricky to predict which way the market is going to swing, but I’m glass half full girl and with inflation hitting lower levels than expected I would like to believe that our international grading will improve allowing for continued growth that will see the banks relax lending criteria and encourage the ‘first-time’ sector or younger buyers to invest in the property market. This partnership with Fine & Country couldn’t have come at a better time as having the global support of this leading brand as well as access to the international market through its channels allows for our business to grow as we continue to deliver the highest calibre of service to our clients,” Candice comments on the current economic climate.

This office has arguably one of the best views in the Western Cape, a backdrop of picturesque Table Mountain and boundless, cerulean Atlantic Ocean. Much has been published of the Western Cape’s rocketing property industry with many of its suburbs achieving record sales figures and its rentals are humming along nicely. Candice says this is evident in all the development going on, especially in their areas meaning that demand is healthy. “We are experiencing more and more clients purchasing units in these developments saving on transfer duty. These clients are able to spend more on the home itself. Land is also available for the development of multiple units and there is a steady influx of tenants from Johannesburg and Durban. The nearing of completion of the Table Bay Mall is another draw-card to the area in addition to the excellent schools, restaurants and the lifestyle in general.”

Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa, says, “Candice and her team are exactly what the real estate industry needs right now. The can-do attitude, the personal touch and willingness to go above and beyond, reflects an innate understanding of this industry and the direction it is moving towards as digital takes over. I am thrilled to be associated with such a strong group of women and we look forward to being a part of Candice and her team’s accomplishments along the Western Seaboard.”

As the due date for baby number four draws near, as well as the official launch function for Fine & Country Western Seaboard, Candice and her team are a hive of activity much like the kite-surfers taking full advantage of the full force of the winds along Sunset Beach and Blouberg Strand, although Fine & Country Western Seaboard looks set to reach even dizzier heights.

The Women of Fine & Country Western Seaboard
Lisa Hart, “Parklands North and Table View are the two of the fastest growing in terms of property development in South Africa (so I’ve heard), we have a vast amount of people moving to Blouberg from other cities in South Africa. Everything in the Western Seaboard is close to most amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, bus routes plus it’s a beautiful part of Cape Town with stunning beaches and views, and a perfect place to bring up children, so it’s no surprise that people want to live here.”   Kayla Steyn, “The Western Seaboard in terms of value for money for the properties that are on the market  is a definite consideration for buyers when you compare for example what you would pay for a 3 bedroom home in Camps Bay and similar areas versus the Western Seaboard. Of course we also have a great selection of schools, beaches and a brand-new mall opening up soon, all adding to the desirability factor and making this stretch of the Western Cape a highly sought-after residential node.”
  Chantal Jacobs, “Blouberg was originally named by the Dutch, and means Blue Mountain. I have lived and worked in Blouberg for over 20-years and witnessed its development into one of the most sought-after areas for tourists, buyers and investors. Table Mountain is a major draw-card and of course we are a well-known destination for kite-surfers globally.  The area is packed with amenities, most recently a private hospital, Blaauwberg Netcare.  We also boast is a bird sanctuary called Flamingo Vlei.”

Contact our Fine & Country Western Seaboard team on +27 (0)21 556 0362 or [email protected]


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