Celebrating Women’s Day 2018 – a letter by our CEO, Linda Erasmus

A day to celebrate Women

During this special month celebrating woman, the world will once again pay tribute to women for supporting a partner, a husband, children and even parents and grandchildren, says Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa. Women are being acknowledged for building businesses, for juggling activities between the home and the office, the husband and the children, the workers and those who come to dine at the table.

“Today, I am paying tribute to the women of the world for all of those attributes; however this year I would like to pay special tribute to a special group of woman; those that form part of a club that they never chose to belong to,” says Erasmus. These are the women who have lost a child. In March this year, I became a member of this club; needless to say, that one can only understand such pain once you experience it yourself.

According to STATS SA, ± 500 000 deaths are recorded annually. (*www.statssa.gov.za / 2013)

This means that the likelihood is that 500 000 mothers of the deceased, according to the estimate above in South Africa, go through this trauma annually – a trauma that changes lives forever.

The day after my daughter passed away a friend phoned to welcome me to the club. The connection between those who have had the same experience is a deep understanding of the pain and agony this loss causes, as well as the memories that will last a lifetime.

Motherhood is such a special moment in a woman’s life. Not only club members, but all mothers in the world experienced that magic moment of birth, holding their babies in their arms. Today I send every mother and especially those members of the club, a special wish of happiness.

As we celebrate our children, give some thought to those women who never had a child and let us pay tribute to those who are still yearning to become a mother. I cannot leave without a call to prayer for the women in our country who do not have the means to care for their children.

Sharing life with someone who loves you is another joy. Children love their mothers naturally and unconditionally. As a mother, I often think that there is no-one for whom you are as important as your children. Even with my daughter leaving this world at the age of 38, I thank God every day for the love I received from her. On this day set aside for women, let us also celebrate our daughters; those who have contributed to carrying our stories and values out to the world.

Sharing this special day with all the club members, I wish you a day where you will remember the beauty of the child you once had and celebrate the special individual who changed your heart, your mind, and your life.

Linda Erasmus

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